About Me


Since 2004
Visual Storyteller


Hi! I’m CAROLINE and I’m a wedding photojournalist and documentary portrait photographer in New York.

I’m an old soul. A voracious collector of old photos and antiquarian books. A lover of obscure music, good films, and beautiful language.

I am naturally curious about people and their stories. I want to know what makes you smile. What makes your heart hurt. Who you love. What makes you feel loved.

Everyone wants to be fully seen and truly heard. USING the things I’ve learned about you, My only hope is to help you AND THE ONES YOU LOVE to feel understood through my pictures.

I put my heart and soul into every wedding and session. My time with you is personal and meaningful to me. I am grateful for my clients who have allowed me in on some of the most important and intimate moments, THE ONES WHO HAVE INVITED ME INTO THEIR HOMES AND LIVES.

I’m not there to simply “take wedding photos”. So if I’m “just another vendor” at your wedding, then I’m likely not the photographer for you. When you look at your photos, I hope you FEEL something. I hope you hear the laughter, smell the air, experience the movement, and sense the touch from that hand.



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