Alin & I thought there was no better way to spend our 10th wedding anniversary than in downtown Chicago with our kids. The loves of our lives. We dressed all of them up, vainly so, in Allsaints kids clothing (not available anymore), and strutted the streets of Chicago. It was so nice just to be laid back with our kids, while exploring this beautiful city that I get to call my home again. Neither Alin, nor I can believe that I am 29 and he is 31 and we’ve been happily married ten whole years.

Also, tomorrow we are having our photos taken by the incredibly talented Nirav. Cannot wait to see his take on us as a family; especially since I finally get to be in front of the camera now. Will share those photos when they’re ready 🙂

001-allsaints-chicago-nahara-trench-coat 002-allsaints-chicago-nahara-trench-coat 003-allsaints-chicago-nahara-trench-coat 004-allsaints-chicago-combat-boots 005-chicago-family-weekend-outing 006-allsaints-chicago-kids-clothes 007-allsaints-chicago-nahara-trench-coat 008-chicago-family-weekend-outing 009-allsaints-chicago-nahara-trench-coat 010-chicago-family-weekend-outing 011-chicago-family-weekend-outing 012-chicago-family-weekend-outing 013-chicago-family-weekend-outing 014-allsaints-chicago-kids-clothes 015-chicago-family-weekend-outing 016-chicago-family-weekend-outing 017-allsaints-zara-chicago 018-chicago-family-weekend-outing 019-chicago-family-weekend-outing 020-chicago-family-weekend-outing 021-allsaints-zara-chicago-kids-clothes 022-allsaints-chicago-nahara-trench-coat 023-allsaints-chicago-kids-clothes-denim 024-chicago-family-weekend-outing 025-chicago-family-weekend-outing

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