Some random snapshots from yesterday, when it was my little sister’s first time on a train. Also some quick photos I took before we headed out to church this morning. I can’t help taking photos of my kids. I just love them so much. And don’t you just love Genevieve’s new outfit & shoes from Zara? That place has the most ridiculously cute clothes for kids.

chicago-family-photography-001 chicago-family-photography-002 chicago-family-photography-003 chicago-family-photography-004 chicago-family-photography-005 chicago-family-photography-006 chicago-family-photography-007 chicago-family-photography-008 chicago-family-photography-009 chicago-family-photography-010 chicago-family-photography-011 chicago-family-photography-012 chicago-family-photography-013 chicago-family-photography-014 chicago-family-photography-015

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