Most of mine & Alin’s family are in Phoenix, so the holidays for us can sometimes be lonely. We were so happy that the Waltz’s invited us over to their jam packed house full of friends and family on Easter yesterday, and we immediately felt at home. The Waltz’s have 8 kids who my brothers and I grew up with since we first moved to Deerfield around 20 years ago, so they are no strangers to us. The kids played on the trampoline, the older guys & gals played some softball in the baseball field that backs to their house, the kids hunted for easter eggs, people sat around and talked, joked, and messed with each other. It was great to be surrounded by people we knew and love, as well meeting new people, feeling instant connections & friendships with. This is just a small collection of my personal favorite images from our day yesterday. Enjoy.

[audio:|titles=Have You Forgotten by Jenny Owen Youngs]

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