All trash the dress photos by Caroline Ghetes.
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This girl is terrified of bugs, yet she soldiered on through every type of landscape and dark corners in barns. She is afraid of heights and dark waters, yet she braved it any way and jumped off of a cliff into, you guessed it -dark water. “I am going to do it. I’ll just scream and cry later when this is all over, but I just want these photos. So I wanna’ do it.” That’s what she said. I LOVE this girl. You have no idea. I am also afraid of dark waters and boats. Yet I sucked it up and Stefanie’s husband canoed me to a floating platform in the middle of the lake so I could get the shot of her cliff-jumping. I was terrified, but I did it. And it wasn’t so bad. When you take risks, you get these…

bridal fashion photographer

bride red barn

bride apple orchard

bride brown wood barn

bride wood barn

bride silo

bride barn silo

bride historic lake house carrigan farms

bride carrigan farms

carrigan farms bride

bride on cliff cardigan farms

trash the dress photo

trash the dress photo

bride jumping in water

trash the dress bride in lake

trash the dress bride in water

bride laughing in water trash the dress

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